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I Don’t Take Valentine’s Day for Granted

Valentine’s Day celebrates the best things in life: love, friendship and the precious gifts. I enjoy every day because of a life-saving transplant. When I was on the waiting list and severely ill, the love I received from my friends and family gave me hope to continue living. Each year on Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of the generous decision a donor family made, and the life-saving heart transplant that saved my life 3 years ago. Because of this precious gift, I value life in a different way. Valentine’s Day has become a very special reminder to share my love and precious gift with the ones I love.

Valentine’s Day has truly allowed me to think of my loved ones in a very special way. When you are about to say goodbye forever to those who mean the most to you, you understand with new depth how much they mean to you. I no longer take Valentine’s Day for granted and realize the importance and true meaning to have one more day to say I love you to friends and family.

It is also a date to think with profound gratitude about my donor and his family. If it was not for their willingness to help someone in need, even a total stranger, I would not be here. Being a donor is one of the highest expressions of love for others.

Thanks to my transplant, I will enjoy Valentine’s Day with my lovely daughter, Jade.

This Valentine’s Day, as you let your family and loved ones know how much you care for them, please consider extending that love to others. By registering as a donor at the DMV or, you will give hope to many people who are in need, people who want to spend many more Valentine’s Days with their loved ones.

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