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Meet Taylor

photo 18Meet Taylor and her mom Susan. Taylor is 19 and on her second kidney. She received her first kidney from her mom when she was a baby. I am not sure when she received her second one.  It was not a perfect match but by taking her medication and treatments weekly and monthly she has managed to get herself to College at Santa Monica College.  She wants to be an actress and does extra work to help pay the bills. However a few months ago Taylor’s mom Susan lost her job.  She is a college graduate and has been trying to get work.  Just last week Avasheart received an application for aid.  Susan was unable to pay her co pay of 160.00 a month for her life saving medication.  We paid the co pay.  She received her meds and UCLA did not charge for the treatment.  I was shocked to discover that over 60% of all pediatric patients at UCLA are transplants. The need for housing and a Ronald McDonald House for transplants is a problem that both Cedar Sinai and UCLA patients face.  However that is an entire other story.  Taylor and her mom are months behind in their rent and will be evicted this coming week.  Avasheart does not have the three months rent they need 3600.00.  I am reaching out to everyone to make a small tax deductible donation to Avasheart — side mark Taylor if that’s where you want it to go.  A few hours ago I received a text from Susan that Taylor is in the hospital.  Her blood pressure is very high and she can not breath.  The stress and fear of being homeless has just become too much for this sweet girl.  I was with them a few days ago and Susan is not able to hide her fear from her daughter.  Please pray for Taylor and if u can help , please do.

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