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No One Said Life Was Fair

Today I went to order my anti-rejection medication along with other various vitamins and minerals. I try very hard to stay on top of refills and usually order a week or ten days in advance. Just to make sure I do not run out. One never knows when mother nature might decide to shake the earth or cause a flood or fire or any other so called acts of god. It is of the utmost importance to take ones meds 12 hours apart every day. So today when I called the pharmacy I was shocked to discover that medicare has passed a new law. No one can order their anti-rejection medication more than five days out of running out. the pharmacy also revealed that this new so called rule makes so much extra paperwork for the pharmacy. It makes no sense. The only people on these drugs are transplant patients, it just makes absolute no sense. It creates stress on the providers and the patient. it was comforting to me to know that I would never run the risk of running out of my meds. Its bad enough that these life saving drugs have their own side effects , the worse being not taking them of course. No one said life was fair or that it even makes sense. This law for sure does not.

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