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Emerson P.

My name is Emerson .I am father and husband , I been traying for the last 16 months to get aid for housing , I have applyed housing but the waiting time is more than two years .I live in a townhouse apartment and it is hard to me get to my bed because it is upstairs and Right now I am using oxigen.I am on the liver transplant list at UCLA for a year now , my biggest concern is how to get money for gas after my surgery because they had told me that I have to travel 2, 3 times for week.It is hard to think about this and Honestly and do not want to take from the rent yo paid for travel expenses and that will put my family in a risk situation .Thank in advance for you help I know that God will provide everything and I will be praying for this .I WILL BE praying for whoever is reading this get a special blessing .

Contact Tel: 310.779.6616