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“Thank you! Ava’s Heart and Change of Life Foundations”

I think I want to start this heart felt thank you with “Ahhhhhhhhh”.

Well, here I am right out of the shower. Put that way doesn’t seem like much, but let me give you a little back ground. It is my first shower and change of clothes in days. I have spent all of May and half of June sleeping in a hospital room. Dan got his heart and liver transplants the first of December, and we have had family with him everyday since. At Cedars-Sinai Dan got moved to a larger room May 10, and I started sleeping in his room. You see, we live in Idaho and had no where to stay. I feel very fortunate because the room was warm, and I could shower there. Then, on June 7 Dan became medically stable and was discharged, after 229 consecutive days laying in a bed at Cedars. We needed to stay close to Cedars for many tests and dialysis. He was transported to a rehab facility. I took on sleeping there as well, with special permission from the facility. No shower.

This gift of housing from the Change of Life and Ava’s Heart is exactly what it is…. Change of life for our family! We all have had to travel by air back and forth from Idaho to be with Dan all these months, at great expense to us all. This way we are now able to spend more time helping Dan every step of the way. Literally, we now get to help him exercise his way to his new life!

He is just now re-learning to stand, take a step, then another. Being close by is such a heartwarming gift. Our little family is so appreciative, we can’t find the words. Dan and I have shared 502 wedded months together on this June 13th day. Eric is an aspiring musician, music talent buyer, music festival director, etc., etc.. Janet is our first grade teacher and the loving mother to 26 little ones. Both are always giving back to their communities and have always been so caring and thoughtful of those in need. They have done a beautiful job imitating our lives, and taking it beyond.

We feel blessed for those who have now taken us under their wing to help us in our hour of need.

Thank you for considering and awarding us a grant of housing in a furnished apartment. We hope that at the end of the two months of family shifting in and out we can take Dan to Idaho, and soon after back to nature in the Sawtooth Mountains.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Daniel, Barbara, Eric and Janet Gilbert

Boise, Idaho

Contact Tel: 310.779.6616