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“The Others”

I like most transplant recipients  I would imagine wake up every day and thank their donor family. How utterly amazing that someones sorrow can create life for another human being. Ten years ago there were not half as many of us as there are  now.

With advances in modern medication, recipients are living longer lives and with artificial hearts and Vads many who would have died are able to be kept alive waiting for that life saving heart. it is strange to think while you are waiting for an organ that someone else has to die . So those of us walking around with someone else’s DNA being kept alive  by medication that surprises our immune system to trick our body not to reject this beautiful gift.

I have decided that we are really THE OTHERS. A group of amazing miracles walking around on earth , showing all of those around what truly is important, we are teachers, hopefully in some small way passing it forward.  Some souls are stars.  To all of you special others out there. Come from gratitude , pass it forward, be of service and take the leap——the net will be there.

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