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About The Foundation

Ava's Heart / About The Foundation

Our Mission

Ava’s Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing resources and refuge that insurance does not cover to transplant patients and their families, who are unable to access or afford needed treatments and care. Integral to our mission is to raise awareness and to educate the public as to the challenges families face, both pre and post transplant, and to promote organ donation.

Our Work

Ava’s Heart was founded by heart transplant recipient Ava Kaufman in 2011. We have helped over 200 families, the majority of those with post-transplant housing.

One of the crucial components of being eligible to receive a life saving organ is to show available funds for post-transplant housing. This temporary housing must be within thirty minutes of the transplant center, for the patient’s three months of post-transplant medical care.

Some states don’t have transplant centers; therefore many of those patients get sent here to Los Angeles. While Los Angeles has excellent transplant centers, its nearby temporary housing is prohibitively expensive. We aim to help every transplant patient with this critical need.

Our Vision

  • To financially help every transplant and donor family in the United States who are in need.
  • To become a national umbrella organization for transplant and donor families.
  • To start a campaign to build a Healing House in Southern California, for the necessary temporary pre and post transplant housing. California has some of the best transplant centers in the US. Nevada has none. California happens to get hearts faster than anyplace in the US. When you have limited time to wait for a heart, many patients are sent to Los Angeles as a last resort. UCLA does more transplants combined that any transplant center. Cedars does more heart transplants than any center in the world.
We need your help.