It’s Just One Dollar A Month


We know when we pull together we can do anything.

We all get one vote, we all have one voice, we all get one life.

It’s Ava’s hope and great belief that we can all share in giving just $1 dollar every month.

The Ava’s HeartIt’s Just ONE campaign empowers people to join together and help transplant patients and donor families by donating just one dollar per month. Donations that we receive help to provide housing, transportation and other services that are required of patients both pre and post transplant. This funding is vitally important for many families that can not afford these additional costs which insurance DOES NOT cover.

Ava’s Team has introduced this campaign in an attempt to make it simple and affordable for individuals to give every month and help save lives. 90 cents of every dollar given goes directly to assisting patients.



Ava would like to send out a special plea to all of her fellow transplant patients and their families.

Unless you received the gift of life, you can’t imagine what it feels like. The waiting, the surgery, the stress, the fear for you and your family. I am reaching out to the transplant community and asking that you please donate just one dollar each month so we may give back and help those currently on their transplant journey.

Thank You for helping us make this happen.