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People We’ve Helped

Post-Transplant Housing After Liver Transplant

Hello Ava! My name is Lisa Gorta, I am Thomas Gillispie’s daughter. We can’t begin to thank you for helping my parents during this rough time! My dad has five amazing grandchildren and we feel so blessed that he has a second chance to watch them grow! On the day of my dads surgery we were lucky to visit and took pictures of my sons and my dad. Not a day goes by that we don’t say a prayer of thanks! My oldest, Michael Thomas, can’t wait to get in the back yard to play horseshoes with pop-pop! Thank you again so much!

Lisa Gorta

Post-Transplant Housing for Ken

Ken was in the military many years ago and contracted a rare virus that affected his heart. After coming back, he had a good job at a security company and was able to take care of his family. Ten years ago, he began having heart issues and has been in and out of the hospital ever since. His condition worsened and he was given an L-VAD to keep his heart pumping. He was placed at the top of the transplant list, pending until he could prove he had housing post-transplant.

Change a Life Foundation provided funding for Ken to stay near the transplant center and recover with the proper care after his surgery. He is now able to return home and continue building his strength. He looks forward to enjoying spending time with his family, returning to work, and becoming self-sufficient once again.

Post-Transplant Housing for Jamie

Jamie was born with an enlarged heart and received her first transplant when she was three. Many babies and infants who receive transplants require a second one later in life due to antibody issues. Jamie’s first transplanted heart went into rejection when she was thirteen, but she was still able to continue with her schooling.

It is mandated that transplant patients live near their transplant center post-surgery to go in for tests, blood work, scans, and more. Change a Life Foundation provided funding for Jamie and her mother to stay at the Tiverton House after her transplant. They were able to walk to Jamie’s daily clinical appointments until she was well enough to return home. She is excited to go back to school and plans to attend college.

Housing Post-Transplant for Joe

Joe received a kidney transplant and was already home when he discovered he had a rare infection that affects few kidney transplant patients. He needed a special treatment to cure the infection that required him to be less than 30 minutes from the transplant center. Change a Life Foundation provided funding for Joe to stay near the center, get his treatment, and return home to his family. He is now working and back to living a normal life.

“While an organ transplant is about the last thing anyone would want, Change a Life Foundation’s assistance and involvement in the lives of those impacted, has made and will continue to make a very big difference in both the patients’ and their families’ daily lives. Thanks again for caring and reaching out to serve your fellow neighbors!”

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