People We’ve Helped

Assistance for the Medina Family

Assistance for Behounek Family

Funeral Expenses For Felicia Riley

This was written by her sister Brenda.

Cremation Expenses For Troy

This was written by his fiancé Alisa

Donor Expenses

This young man saved 8 lives with his death. Ava’s Heart was happy to assist with burial expenses.

Post-Transplant Housing for Sarah

Sarah had her second heart transplant at Cedars  She is from Oregon. Ava’s Heart provided her with post transplant housing  at Highland Gardens where her family was able to come and visit.

Assistance for Odellas’ Family

Odellas has a liver transplant and will be getting her cliff palette repaired shortly. Ava’s Heart has assisted the family with food and gas cards and housing.

Assistance for Marisa and Her Family

Assistance for Hilary and Her Family

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