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  • Karla Dawn LIVE

    Heart transplant recipients, Marisa Romeyn & Ava Kaufman on Karla Dawn LIVE (Ava’s Heart Foundation)

  • The Successful Pitch: John Livesay Podcast

    New Heart, New Life with Ava Kaufman

    Our guest on The Successful Pitch is Ava Kaufman. She has an incredible story of getting a new heart, a heart transplant. We’re all being disrupted in our business and in our life, but what happens when we get disrupted with our health? She has some great insights about how do you start a non-profit, what obstacles do you overcome and what life lessons do you learn when you have a new heart and literally a new start? Like starting over in your career or starting over and pivoting with your startup. She said, “You’ve got to let go of the small stuff.” She has some real insights in the ability to turn fear into courage. Finally she said, “Your waiting has to turn to patience or you’ll lose your mind.” Find out how she did it and you can too.


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