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About Ava’s Heart

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Our Work

AVA’S HEART is a unique nonprofit charity dedicated to providing financial assistance for organ transplant patients who cannot afford necessary treatment and care. Founded by heart transplant recipient Ava Kaufman, Ava’s Heart has quickly become the primary support organization in the US for transplant patients and their families. We provide pre-transplant and post-transplant patients a wide variety of basic essentials not covered by insurance such as: housing, food, gas, medications, strollers, car seats, dental work, hearing aids.  We also ensure that the electricity is upgraded in homes that are not up to code so that life-sustaining mechanical devices (LVAD or artificial heart) will work reliably. Without outside financial assistance, many families become financially insolvent, or even worse, some patients do not survive. Ava’s Heart also provides emotional and psychological support for both transplant patients on the waiting list, as well as those who now live with the realities of post-transplant life.

We need your help.