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Imagine learning your family member is so sick that they’re in organ failure and you may need a life-saving organ transplant. You and your loved one have to travel to a hospital in an unfamiliar city so they can undergo an intense evaluation to see if they can go on the transplant waiting list. You may not even be sure you understand what is happening or what the doctor is saying to you. Your loved one becomes too sick to care for themselves, so you have to temporarily stop working to care for them and your family’s finances are strained. You and your loved one have to wait for “the call” that a life-saving organ is available for transplant, which might take days, months, or even years. You might be afraid the call may never come at all. While your friends and family continue with their lives, you try to cope with your new reality. You feel isolated and don’t have anyone to talk to who has experienced similar challenges or is knowledgeable about organ failure and the transplant process… that’s where we come in.

No one should be excluded from getting a transplant because they cannot afford the three months of mandatory post-transplant housing. Please help us save lives.


We also offer supportive services to those who travel to the Los Angeles area for their transplant-related care.

Help us save transplant patients lives.


Yes, I would like to provide a home away from home for transplant families and more.

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Ava’s Heart Housing Initiative