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I truly believe that the realist sees the struggle and the artist sees the beauty in every situation.

Ava’s healthy and happy life with her daughter came to an abrupt stop when she found herself hospitalized with a failed heart. On her birthday, Ava received a heart transplant, just in time to save her life. Inspired by her donor family’s kindness and strength, Ava wanted to dedicate the life that her donor family gave her to helping others. Ava’s Heart was founded to help those that have been given the gift of life live a better quality of life, by providing support for transplant candidates and recipients with limited means, or no health insurance. Our work will ensure that they receive medication, housing, and financial aid during their transplant journey.


Dance For Life Event

Ava's Heart presents its first dance marathon Friday November 16 at the Santa Monica Bay Womans Club.

We dance in loving memory of those who could not afford to live. We dance to honor those donors and their families who have given the gift of life. We dance to help those that have been given the gift of life a better quality of life. Join us in celebration just dance and party from 7pm to 7am.


The story of Ava's Journey.

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There are a number of ways for you to help support donor patients and their families at Ava's Heart.

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No One Said Life Was Fair

By Ava Kaufman on July 24, 2013

Today I went to order my anti-rejection medication along with other various vitamins and minerals. I try very hard to stay on top of refills and usually order a week or ten days in advance. Just to make sure I do not run out. One never knows when mother nature might decide to shake the earth or cause a flood or fire or any other so called acts of god. It is of the utmost importance to take ones meds 12 hours apart every day. So today when I called the MORE


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